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Partners in Business                                                                                                    Graf custom-tailors shipping programs to the needs of our corporate clients, featuring e-invoice transmissions, minimized freight costs, rebates and providing detailed data capture of our client’s shipping activity. Graf can be more than a logistic service provider. We will work with you to provide advanced planning on transportation challenges and create logistic alternatives and solutions that will help meet deadlines and reduce costs. Graf partners with every commercial and cargo airline available and can provide complete real time and advanced information on flight availability, departure and arrival times and accurate estimations on delivery times.

Graf Air Freight is proud to have internally-developed the best, next-generation logistic business software, GrafTrack. With GrafTrack, we can provide a complete package tracking system to our clients. Our clients need useful tools to coordinate their shipping activities and keep track of inventory and costs. GrafTrack has proven time and time again to be an invaluable system for them. With state of the art software tools and accessible, creative customer service representatives available around the clock, our clients enjoy a true business partner to facilitate them with their transportation efforts.

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