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Graphics / Printers
Graphic Arts and Printing Companies the world over recognize Graf Air Freight as the logistic model all freight forwarders and air couriers should follow. Our company name is derived from the first graphic printing customers we assisted with their transportation needs. While Graf has the ability to ship material of any type for most any industry to anywhere, the graphic industry will always hold a special place in our hearts and it is an industry in which we are particularly well suited to assist. Our services can help printers improve their production scheduling and more efficiently manage inventory. Commercial printers, pre-press firms, color separators, advertising agencies and all types of graphic arts companies have come to associate Graf with speedy, cost-effective delivery, excellent service and communication.

Legal Services
Graf Air Freight has been assisting many of the nation’s largest law firms and corporate legal departments with logistic solutions for over thirty-five years. Every law firm has its own personality and shipping needs and Graf tailors our services to fit these transportation challenges. We offer complete logistic services whether your firm needs help with trial set up, government agency and court document filing projects or warehousing pre-trial documents at the trial venue location. We know the impossible deadlines that arise in the legal community and Graf is there to provide shipping solutions every day of the year, 24 hours a day. Graf’s legal services team is there to provide same day service, the latest pick-up times for overnight service and when time is not an issue, cost-efficient 2 and 3 day service to anywhere in the nation. We also know the work is not complete until you know the shipment is delivered and that is why Graf provides proof-of-delivery signatures to the legal community by phone, fax and/or e-mail immediately upon delivery.

If ever there was an industry that required consistent, expedient and reliable logistic solutions, it may well be the airline industry. Many of our country’s top airlines and aviation parts suppliers have come to rely on Graf Air Freight to handle their AOG (Airline On Ground) shipments. When these airlines have scheduled maintenance for one of their airplanes they need to know that the spare parts are going to be there and that is why they depend on the logistic expertise of Graf’s reliable and creative customer service managers to provide accurate, real-time delivery and weather information. Every minute matters with our aviation industry clients and time is not always on their side, however, Graf Air Freight is there to provide around the clock expedited delivery, real-time tracking and delivery verification.

Medical Devices
Life and death. That is what is on the line when our medical device manufacturing clients call Graf to expedite their material to hospitals for surgical procedures. Whether we are transporting surgical replacement parts, large main frame surgical systems, intra-bronchial valves or even x-ray imaging devices Graf understands that logistic delays can be catastrophic. Medical device manufacturers know this too and routinely they rely on Graf to provide the quickest, most consistently reliable logistic solutions available. We work with field technicians and hospital staff around the country to ensure that they are never without the life-saving tools they require to do their work. We also provide warehousing of medical equipment at key locations to assist medical equipment suppliers in meeting their service contracts. Other medical device manufacturers utilize our logistic services to keep a constant flow of equipment from production to sterilization centers to final end-use locations. Through Graf’s expert customer service manager’s constant communication our medical equipment supplier clients have real-time inventory control and shipment status available to them at any hour of the day.

Trade Show & Event Logistics
Your firm’s event planning manager researched and found the perfect trade show a year in advance. The marketing team has been preparing sales material and creating exciting signage to draw the public to your firm’s booth. All the factors of a successful trade show are in place, but your firm’s facility manager picked the wrong freight forwarder to transport all the goods to the convention and the delays and lack of communication have turned promise into disaster.

This would never need to happen if you think of Graf Air Freight for the movement of your firm’s time-critical event planning or trade show materials. With over thirty years experience in assisting firms of all kinds in trade show logistics, Graf Air Freight has become the aspirin to event planning headaches. Graf’s expert event planning managers can assist you from beginning to end with this difficult process. Every trade show is different and every client’s needs at the show are unique. Graf personalizes our services to fit your firm’s shipping needs. Graf offers same day and overnight shipping when you need to meet critical deadlines and deferred freight movement when you are trying to keep costs down. We offer special services like providing custom padding or crating, unpacking and de-palletizing material, simple booth set-up and re-packing material at the end of the event. With offices and agents in virtually every city in the nation, Graf can pick-up anywhere and ship to anywhere.

What makes a successful event planning freight forwarder is experience, creativity, communication and follow-through. Graf has extensive experience in working with trade show managers, display houses, printers and convention centers across the United States . We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist with any last minute changes in your firm’s logistic needs. We will work with your firm’s event planners and offer logistic solutions where we see a need or cry for help and we will notify you immediately upon the successful delivery of your firm’s material by phone, fax and/or e-mail. If there are any delays your staff will be the first to know so that alternative plans can be formed. We don’t shy away from problems, we solve them.

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